The Downside to Indian Gambling Sites

Although it is true that Indian owned and operated casinos within the Native American reservations may help to contribute to the livelihood of many Native Americans, there are also some flaws in such a set-up. Various forms of abuse and crimes have been committed, which takes away the gambling profits from the Native Americans and brings it into organized crime that is brought about by the presence of Indian gambling activities.

Some would be concerned about the National Indian Gaming Commission having insufficient funds to do their job right and more efficiently. Because of this, they probably are not able to properly monitor and conduct audits on the Indian gaming activities and Indian owned casinos in various reservation areas. It is the job of the Indian Gaming Commission to seek to regulate gambling on these Indian reservations, which would include bingo and games similar to it, various card games like poker which is more often to compete against other players and not against the house, and gaming machines like slot machines and many more.

Some casinos like the one found in California, which is run by the tribe that are known as the Mashantucket Pequots, earn about a total of one billion dollars a year in revenues. These revenues are then either paid to other tribal members per capita, or are used to fund government operations of the said tribe, enhancing programs for social welfare, and other such ventures to help their economy.

And although these casinos are said to bring good livelihood for its locals, there are also certain problems that usually come with it. As there is a presence of vast amounts of cash involved in the casino operations, it does not fail to attract organized crimes from mafia, and payoffs for political influence, and the like! In the past, there were some accounts of Native American tribal leaders being murdered because they were lobbying for getting a fairer share of the casino's gambling profits.

The involvement of the mob in many Indian reservation casinos all around America has become like a plague in the past, however, it slowly being curbed and circumstances in the present are far better. Because it is difficult to regulate reservation type casinos, it then leaves itself open to a lot of fraud attempts, also by dealers and managers. Various cheats are drawn to the card rooms due to the enormous amount of cash generated in the respective Indian gaming facilities. There are even instances when dealers would start skimming chips, and casino employees who are not currently working or have their days off, are allowed to gamble in the clubs. Many cases of credit abuse, cash transaction violations, and card game cheaters have also been present.

It is a fact that gambling is certainly a criminal target, especially when it is very difficult to regulate like that of casinos in Indian reservations. That is why proper security and seeing to it that the casinos are run properly is very essential.

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